Ethical Hacking

When dealing with online security risks on a daily basis, companies and organizations alike need to stay one step ahead, adjusting and updating on the go. Performed by cyber security experts, the job of protecting and securing important data and information can easily become mundane and fall behind the curve without a real challenge. Keeping the system up to date, ethical hacking simulates as accurate as possible an outside attack, pointing out vulnerabilities and helping the cyber security team dealing with them.


12 DEC 2021 - 14.00 IST
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12 DEC 2021


6 Hrs





Get basic insights of Ethical Hacking and Cyber SecurityThreats.

Build strong learning base in subject matter

Discussion and practical sessions



People interested in Hacking

IT Security Managers

System Admins

Brief Introduction to Ethical Hacking  

Penetration Testing Lab Setup

IPv4 vs IPv6 Attacks Flaws

Penetration Testing Methodologies

Hacking Phases

Live Recon on Public IP Address

Vulnerability Assessment

Introduction to HTTP and HTTPS

Application Layer Protocols Attacks

Router Attacking Technique