Agile Project Management Approaches

In traditional project management, we tend to make assumptions: the customer knows precisely what they want, or the team's workflow and tasks will go according to plan and in sequence. Practically speaking, this is rarely the case. Sometimes the customer doesn't know what they need until they see an early iteration of your team's work and can provide feedback. Because of this, work is usually done incrementally. We must build flexibility, even agility, into the model in order to succeed.This course is designed for project managers who want to get better practical results with adaptive approaches to projects.In this course will be most successful if they have a foundational understanding of traditional project management tools and processes including project networks, budgets and schedules


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21 Aug 2023


5 Hours





·         Apply lean principles in the project management arena

·         Recognize how lean principles complement and “rightsize” project management concepts

·         Relate lean to agile concepts

·         See why scrum and extreme are implementations of lean

·         Determine how the characteristics of a project dictate the right structure for project planning, management, and control

Project team leaders, managers, and individual contributors from any functional area who are responsible for the success of projects or initiatives of any size and do not have formal project management training. Delegates will come from every continent and from a diverse range of organizations, including for profits large and small, NGOs, and governmental agencies. Attendees  will be most successful if they have had exposure to formal project management efforts within their organizations. Some familiarity with standard project-management tools will be helpful.