Data Analytics

Data analytics is among today’s fastest-growing and highest-paid professions as organizations increasingly rely on data to drive strategic business decisions. Whether you are gathering data or analyzing it to make recommendations, this certificate is designed to provide functional literacy in critical business analytics. The courses are accessible to learners with limited or no statistical background, yet also structured to provide benefit to analysts who interface directly with raw data. You’ll learn statistical and scientific methods for data analysis through hands-on exercises and video instruction for preparing you to make sound, evidence-based decisions that drive business performance in any function.


Event Details




29 Apr 2024


5 Hours





·         Create and interpret statistical summaries and data visualizations that support understanding and guide decision making

·         Use data and key performance indicators to build a dashboard that uses visuals to improve your understanding of complex business situations

·         Formulate a business question as a scientific hypothesis that can be tested using statistical methods

·         Create and validate regression models that can be used to determine the effect of attributes on a decision and predict likely outcomes

·         Use data to describe and reduce uncertainty in decision making

·         Analysts

·         Functional Managers

·         Executives

·         Consultants

·         Any professional that uses data to make business decisions